Interview: 2018 EU LCS Format Changes

A bit of background story of this interview. Tim and I first met in the 2015. He interviewed me after winning both LCS (1, 2) and before playing vs SKT in the Mid season invitational semifinals (3).

When you win titles you get interviewed a ton, specially immediately after winning. The sequence of interviews can last for hours and many of this interviewers have little idea about esports. They just ask stuff like “is esports a real sport?”, “How did you felt after winning?” and you just answer politely while feeling that you are wasting your time. With Tim it was different. He knew his thing and we enjoyed the interviews.

Since I left Fnatic we talked from time to time and recently he contacted me for another interview. In my last Facebook post I said that I wasn’t happy with the EU LCS format changes. This caught his attention and asked me for a written piece.

For some time I’ve considered doing some video content and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Very kindly, Tim accepted to record the sound and video himself and send me the files so I could upload it to my channel.

Even though it’s the first time I do this kind of video interviews I’m happy with the result. The video quality could be higher, I could move less and talk more clearly but it’s okay. This interview makes me think that creating a podcast could be an interesting idea.

If you have any feedback on about the video, I’d appreciate it. It will help me make it better the next time. Also, any format or topic suggestions are welcomed.