Track, measure, improve

Most sport and esports organizations are focused on winning. But winning in a sustainable way can only be achieved with continuous improvement and iteration. Said in another way, with constant growth.

So esports teams, or any person, team or company based on performance are growth focused. Everything they do is aimed at growing as fast as possible. Growth in this context doesn’t mean increasing size or volume (hiring more people). It means increasing knowledge and the ability to execute that knowledge.

The process from increasing knowledge to performing sustainably to the greatest of our abilities is what I call UKAC:


My team-mates suck

This is an article for competitive game play, not for soloQ

I get really mad when a player makes a comment or has the attitude of “my team-mates suck”. This usually is a passive-aggressive comment or shown by how that player interacts with the rest.

It can be said in many different ways:

  • “I can’t improve”
  • “I can’t learn”
  • “I can’t practice properly”
  • “When they do X it frustrates me and I can’t focus”
  • “I’m not motivated”
  • “It’s not fun”

These kinds of comments or attitudes prove an extremely narrow vision and show how weak that player is. Continue…

Growth and stress

This is the second part of a multiple post series about growth. Check part 1 here.

What exactly is stress? Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Performing is demanding because you have to showcase your skills and knowledge. Growing is even more demanding because you have to stretch those limits. You can’t hide in your comfort zone, to grow is to leave your comfort zone.

There are two steps in the growth process:

  1. Acquiring new information
  2. Consolidation of concepts


Performance and stress

In January 2017 I flew to Chile to take part in RIOT LAS (South American professional League) Players Summit. The Players Summit is an event that all Lol professional leagues do at the beginning of every split. It’s designed to smooth a player’s transition into the professional life. They talk about diverse topics such as game changes, how to handle social media, nutrition, health and lots more.

This year I was invited to the LLN (Latin America North League) Players Summit. Luckily, this time Riot accepted my request to do it online, saving around 30 hours of flights. Continue…