Don’t Judge: mistake & solution

Since I started the blog I’ve been struggling to deliever quality content every week. I tend to be a little too perfectionist and realistically I can’t invest as many hours as I’d like on writing awesome articles.

I’m going to be experimenting with a new format. Short videos (in the 5 minute range) where I talk only about one concept and try to extract one key conclusion.

I would appreciate that you gave me feedback about the format and the content. I could make them longer if there’s enough interest. Or I could talk about specific topics that are better suited for video content.

Here is the first try. Hope you like it 🙂


One response to “Don’t Judge: mistake & solution”

  1. ButtRaider says:

    Great video, felt it would be helpful to transcribe this last part so it is easier for some players to absorb (for those who are more visual than audio learners):

    “When you review a play, you should think about the mistake and how to fix it, but you shouldn’t judge it. This is not only important in the review, but actually in-game too. Frustration comes from reality and expectations not being at the same level. In this case… [this player’s expectations and] reality didn’t match, so the frustration level rose. In this situation, if you are not judging, then you will realize the mistake and then you will continue playing, and the next time you have the opportunity you can play it better. So, don’t judge, and focus on what the mistake is and how to execute properly/better next time.”